Dental Fillings

The most common restorations used to repair teeth are fillings.

tooth-1015409_1920The decay is carefully removed & the tooth is rebuilt using either a metallic silver amalgam material or a polymer-based composite material.

Silver Fillings

Silver, or amalgam, fillings have a long history of use in dental restorations.

Silver fillings tend to be tougher than tooth colored fillings, making them useful for restoring hard-biting back teeth where aesthetics are not a concern.

Tooth Colored/White/Bonded/Composite

White, composite fillings a more recent filling options.

Made of a composite resin that easily blends with existing tooth structure, composite fillings are most useful in areas where the filling is visible when talking or smiling.

Either material provides a strong, long-lasting restoration provided it is well cared for & kept clean.

Because amalgam does contain a form of mercury, it has been an area of debate recently. But both the Federal Drug Administration & the American Dental Association have issued statements deeming it safe for use in dental restorations.

Information from FDA on Dental Amalgam

Information from ADA on Dental Amalgam