As anyone with a toothache can attest, dental pain is unique, & can range from an irritating distraction to blinding pain. We are here to help and have treatment options for any situation.

Restorative Treatment

Occasionally a tooth sensitive to temperature or biting simply needs a new filling.

Decay underneath existing fillings or deep decay on teeth without fillings can both cause teeth to be uncomfortable.

We offer both silver & tooth-colored fillings to suit each patient’s preference.

Root Canal Therapy

Deep decay, trauma, or a crack can all cause irritation to the pulp of the tooth.

The pulp consists of nerves & blood vessels supplying each tooth & runs inside canals within each root. During root canal therapy, the inflamed, sometimes infected, pulp tissue is carefully removed through an opening created in the top of your tooth. The space left in the root canal is thoroughly cleaned, then filled with bioinert gutta percha.

We recommend placing crowns on root canal treated teeth that are heavily decayed, fractured, or see heavy use in the back of the mouth.

Root canal therapy is a treatment option that preserves remaining tooth structure & avoids loss of the affected tooth.


The last resort in emergency treatment, extracting the tooth in question, is necessary when it is too heavily decayed to effectively restore to full function.

Treatment options for filling the resulting space can be found under the restorative tab.